If a business firm id able to control the minds of million of customers, it will earn billions as profit. It is impossible to do that. But using some promotional strategies, the mind of the consumer can be tamed by influencing their decision making power. They can be presented with material, which can be motivating and persuading. There is no magic involved in this; only the psychology of the human mind is to be studied and played with. Human mind reacts to different situations in different ways. Some key psychological aspects can be studied in promotional marketing to get overwhelming customer response.

Curiosity is the want to explore the unknown. Humans are always in pursuit of knowledge. They want to know more than what others know. Secrets are simply hard to be kept. This desire can act as an attractive force in marketing. Like customer won’t be that interested if they are told that they can be provided with successful diets. Instead they want to hear the secret of the diet plan which is being provided.

The information shouldn’t be let out easily. Obviously it is important to catch the attention of the customer by interesting heading, but the content, too, should be as interesting so as to retain the interest of the reader till the end. In case of cross-titles or sub-titles, the initial ones will always have the advantage of developing more curiosity than the following sub-titles.

If the content speaks about why the customer should select so and so company or product, it will be easier for them to relate to it. Let the matter speak out and give the explanation by itself. Like supposing a company wants to sell some product before the expiry date and it’s the slowest time of the season, plain advertising won’t do the trick. Customers are smart enough to think that the company wants to get rid of the old stuff. Instead if the customers are provided with a discount or a limited time offer, a believable reason, they will be more attracted. Every action should have a solid reason.

Customers are greedy from a marketing point of view. By understanding the need of the customer, a basis can be prepared for the content. Their greed should be taken into consideration while preparing the content. They should be shown how the product or company would benefit them. They want to buy benefits in the form of products. Suppose when advertising for a camcorder, say that it displays all the colors that can be seen with naked eye, instead of saying it supports 16-bit color.

Just specifying that the memory card have a memory of 2 GB isn’t catchy. Instead it should be quoted that the memory card can store over 500 pictures, 100 audio songs and 50 videos. This surely will increase the customer enthusiasm. The benefits should be clearly mentioned to the customer and later other information about the product can be discussed, incase if they are looking for more. This is called listing the product features. Features reveal what the product has and benefits describe the advantages that can be derived from those features. Each feature can have more than one benefit, depending on different situations and customer needs. Lots of benefits and fewer features should always be the way to go.

It’s been years since blogging has been practiced. But it’s just recently that it has been considered as one of the addicting fads. Many teenagers have resorted to blogging as an outlet for their emotions, a little online nook where they can blurt out whatever just bugs them or whatever makes them feel elated. Savvy marketers have discovered that blogging is one of the best Internet marketing methods that won’t cost you a cent.

What exactly is blogging? Blog is the widely used term that refers to web log. Basically, a blog is an online journal. A blog could be set up to no cost at all, and can be used for just for the fun of it or for business reasons.

Blogging for your Internet business is one surefire way to boost the visibility of your products and services. Here are a few ways to boost your internet advertising with the help of a blog:

1. Make your clients or customers abreast on your website’s alterations. Your new products and affiliate websites could also be announced through your blog.

2. Keep track of your business objectives and plans through open writing. Your blog content can be easily stored through archives. What could be better than searchable information that could be easily accessed by anyone browsing the web, right?

3. Air your opinions, advice or reviews on specific services or products that are related to your business. Publishing is a very easy process with blogging.

4. Include links that will fetch back links and subsequently improve your ranking on search engines. This could be better executed through putting well-written articles in your website. Affiliate links could also be included in your blog to earn more extra income.

5. Collect response through the ability of blogs to fetch comments from your blog readers. You can learn and improve your products and services through with the feedback from your readers.

6. Connect easily with other bloggers. When other bloggers notice that you have something good in your blog, they will put you in their favorite lists that will automatically link you to their blogs.

So, how do you set up a blog? Here are some of the options you can make use of to take advantage of this fun way to advertise your Internet business.

Either you load a blogging software or let a blogging hosting service do it for you. Host services such as LiveJournal and Blogger.com are the most popular in this field. Those hosts will provide you with easy instructions on how to put up your blog.

Many people online are looking for a simple and easy to use internet marketing “roadmap” that they can use to find and have success online. I personally think that internet marketing is easy – especially if you have the money needed to do a lot of paid advertising. And this is something that can benefit me because I’m thinking about starting my own marketing agency in Los Angeles, CA one day.

Why? Well, I can command higher fees since it’s so expensive out there – but I will be living like a miser… lol… that’s my southern roots right there. Anyway, internet marketing can be a simple and easy thing to do if you want to earn more money online. Generally speaking, the more targeted traffic you have, the more likely you are to get a lot of sales in your business.

Don’t get lost in the hype and hoopla that people will put on their website about how much money you can make online without a website, product, traffic, brain, or a heart. Stand firm in a strong marketing plan that you can put together that will help you to get the traffic and results that you are looking for.

And if you’re stuck about how to get lots of traffic to your website, you should know that the old time strategies still work till this day. Sure there are more tools in the box, but for the most part… internet marketing hasn’t changed. These days the rave online is all about social media marketing.

This is fine, but don’t base your entire operation on social media marketing. You can get a lot of traffic from these sites, but they won’t be targeted traffic that you are looking for. I remember when MySpace was the rave in previous years, but nowadays it seems like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ are the more popular strategies to use.

Outside of social media however, good old paid advertising is still in. I love paid advertising because it’s quick, simple, easy, and very reliable – especially if you’re making a lot of money from your paid advertising efforts. I personally like pay per click advertising (PPC), blog advertising, forum advertising, high traffic website advertising, and also advertising on social networking sites (like Facebook).

There are a lot of ways that you can get traffic to your website. And one other form of traffic that you don’t want to neglect is free marketing. Some people say that free marketing is dead, it doesn’t work, and that it’s a waste of time. But I highly disagree. Free marketing is something that you can use in your business to lower your overall costs of advertising, and to get sales for 100% free.

Some of my favorite free marketing strategies are forums, articles, blogging, video marketing, blog commenting, and guest blogging. All of these are highly effective means of promoting your website and product online.

If you thought that free marketing doesn’t work, then you obviously haven’t taken the time out to use these strategies in your business. I get hundreds of targeted hits everyday to my website using free marketing – so I know for sure that it definitely works.

Traffic is easy, and once you learn how to get it, your life will be much easier. Make sure you know how to get it.

Good luck with your internet marketing efforts today.

Sure it may be pretty but it’s probably not effective.

Most businesspeople naturally understand that the only purpose of their website is to bring in new customers, clients, or accounts.

Unfortunately, they all seem to be listening to the wrong people when it comes to creating a website that actually does that.

You’re probably one of them, so please forgive me for speaking frankly.

It’s just a little disheartening to see so many fine businesses (including some of the top firms in Australia) missing out on the business-building power of the internet and sometimes even losing market share to their smaller, more nimble and web savvy competitors.

So, if you do believe that the main purpose of your website is to bring in new customers, clients, or accounts, read on and I’ll tell you in plain, easy-to-understand English exactly how to do it.

OK, first of all, you’re probably listening to a designer or advertising agency about your website. In fact, they’ve probably convinced you to let them oversee the entire design and building of the whole thing. That’s what I meant by listening to the wrong people.

Your designer/agency guys are great at helping you create and maintain the image you want. They may even be pretty good creating expensive TV and radio spots and glitzy magazine and newspaper ads. But what they’re best at is spending your money on media and hosting to promote your brand for which they reap huge, ongoing commissions and site management fees.

Sorry. I couldn’t help that.

Listen. Branding and image building are important-especially for big corporates like a bank, insurance company, or stock brokerage. They deal with people’s hard-earned money, so they’ve got to build and maintain an image that conveys trust and reliability.

However, an image, even a great one, without a compelling message is like an empty shell. Whereas it is important for a potential client to trust you it is even more to give them a compelling reason to do business with you.

And that’s one of the things your website must do for you.

In fact, your website really only has to do two things and two things only…

One is to create a steady flow of people coming to the site. I’m talking about an absolute flood, not the little trickle of traffic you’re probably getting now…

And the other is to present a message that in form and substance forces them to stop and realize that they absolutely need what you’re offering and they’re not getting it from any other company with whom they may be trading.

It’s only when your website does both of the above that it can finally become the powerful business weapon it should be. Of course, your investment in branding and image creation can be incorporated into this, but as a partner to the message, not superior to it.

Here’s why. Remember, there are two things your website has to do to make you a raging river of profits.

The first is to create laser targeted lead generation traffic.

Suppose I could deliver a steady flow of people into all your locations. I’m talking people by the busloads lining up to talk to you, your account reps, business development or sales people.

You’d be pretty happy, wouldn’t you?

But look a little closer. What if all these people had no money, no credit, and no prospects? What if they had no capacity to buy whatever it is you sell or to take advantage of whatever services you offer?

You wouldn’t be very happy then, would you?

Let’s modify our first requirement for our website just a bit. It’s got to create a steady flow of qualified people coming to the site. It has to perform a laser targeted lead generation function for you.

So you see, which people go to your website and how they get there makes a difference.

There are only four reasons people go to your website:

Obviously the first group is good quality lead generation traffic, but relatively speaking there just aren’t that many new prospects there.

The second group has tons of lead generation potential, but going back to my busloads analogy, what if I told them you were giving out free money to get them on the bus. They’re still not very qualified, are they?

But, if a third party gave them a true and accurate reason to visit your website, these people could be some of the most valuable lead generation traffic you’ll ever get.

This is why SOCIAL MEDIA can be such a powerful lead generation force for you.

Social media marketing is kind of a specialty within a specialty (and one of my favorites). Unfortunately, most people who claim to be social media marketing experts think they know a lot more about it than they really do. You know the kind of people I mean. So be careful if you go to hire one of them.

Obviously the third group above, are not the people you want, so let’s just forget about them right now.

This brings us to the fourth group-the people who used Google Search Engine or one of the other major engines.

These are the people who can make all the difference between a B2B Lead Generation laser targeted website that generates more business for you than if you cloned an army of your best sales rep, and one that sees less traffic than a ghost town.

Search engine marketing is the most powerful lead generation of all!

But alas, search engine marketing is another one of those specialties within a specialty that seems to attract a lot of incompetence. So you’ve also got to be very careful when hiring someone to do laser targeted lead generation research for you. Often someone (like myself), who specializes in social media marketing also specializes in search engine marketing. They’re closely related.

By the way, when it comes to both Social Media Marketing and search engine marketing, the big agencies say they’ve got experts on staff, but I haven’t seen much evidence of it.

This is serious results laser targeted lead generation oriented marketing, and it’s a far cry from the branding and image marketing arena those web designers or big agencies specialize in.

As I said at the beginning of this article, branding and image are important, but…

… search engines don’t see your branding and they don’t care about your image.

They only care about relevance. And only then it’s relevance that fits into their particular algorithm or formula.

That’s what search engine marketing is all about-creating your lead generation website in such a way that when someone searches for a specific key word or search term you’ve laser targeted, the search engine, whether it’s Google, Bing, or one of the others, notices and lists your website first.

So what makes Google, Bing, and the other search engines see your website first?



But not just any content. It’s got to be written content.

The search engines aren’t smart enough to evaluate pictures or videos, they can only read words.

So here’s the final piece of the puzzle.

You’ve got to write your website so that the content attracts the search engines as if it had bright red blinking lights, sirens, and a marching band to get the top listing.

That’s what generates that flood of laser targeted lead generation qualified traffic that you want.

But it also has to present that content in a way that furthers your brand and projects your image while presenting an attractive and compelling offer to turn visitors into customers, clients, and accounts.

We’ll talk more about the details in another post, but let’s recap where we are now.

Watch for my next installment on creating laser targeted lead generation websites that flood your business with new customers while your competitors cry about their lost market share.

It is worth cataloguing the basic principles to be enforced to increase website traffic and search engine rankings.

• Create a site with valuable content, products or services.
• Place primary and secondary keywords within the first 25 words in your page content and spread them evenly throughout the document.
• Research and use the right keywords/phrases to attract your target customers.
• Use your keywords in the right fields and references within your web page. Like Title, META tags, Headers, etc.
• Keep your site design simple so that your customers can navigate easily between web pages, find what they want and buy products and services.
• Submit your web pages i.e. every web page and not just the home page, to the most popular search engines and directory services. Hire someone to do so, if required. Be sure this is a manual submission. Do not engage an automated submission service.
• Keep track of changes in search engine algorithms and processes and accordingly modify your web pages so your search engine ranking remains high. Use online tools and utilities to keep track of how your website is doing.
• Monitor your competitors and the top ranked websites to see what they are doing right in the way of design, navigation, content, keywords, etc.
• Use reports and logs from your web hosting company to see where your traffic is coming from. Analyze your visitor location and their incoming sources whether search engines or links from other sites and the keywords they used to find you.
• Make your customer visit easy and give them plenty of ways to remember you in the form of newsletters, free reports, reduction coupons etc.
• Demonstrate your industry and product or service expertise by writing and submitting articles for your website or for article banks so you are perceived as an expert in your field.
• When selling products online, use simple payment and shipment methods to make your customer’s experience fast and easy.
• When not sure, hire professionals. Though it may seem costly, but it is a lot less expensive than spending your money on a website which no one visits.
• Don’t look at your website as a static brochure. Treat it as a dynamic, ever-changing sales tool and location, just like your real store to which your customers with the same seriousness.

The first attribute of a successful selling strategy is a website that provides information about the products and the service they are providing. The advantage of that is we can sell those products and services online. Selling is a talent to be cultivated. It requires a lot of understanding to find what the customer is looking for and then fulfilling his needs.

It is very important to get the complete attention of reader. The content of the message should be make reader think. This can be achieved by using power words, along with color and visuals. Once the attention is grabbed, it should be retained till the end of the message. The customer should be prompted to take some action and their involvement should be sought. They can be made to sign up for newsletters or can be made to take the survey by visiting the company’s website.

The consumer should be convinced to buy the product. All the features of the company should be specified, with the more relevant ones on the top. They should be explained logically through these points how the products will fulfill their needs or solve their problems. It does only by convincing the customer about this will motivate them to buy the product. They should be made to understand what wonders the product can do to him. Strong emotional words should be included in the sentence. The customer should either fear the loss of the product if he doesn’t buy it in time or he should be given the greed of the advantages the product can provide. These reasons will create an emotional impulse and will make them think that they have no other option to buy it. They will have a logical reason to make the purchase. The emotions of the buyer should be manipulated with words.

Something like ‘limited edition’ or ‘limited period offer’ will create a sense of urgency. The customer thinks that he should get this product somehow. It’s nice to have sales often, especially to clear out old inventory in the name of some offer. The products which have an obvious damage should be sold out at a special price. But the damage should be mentioned to the customer. If it’s not mentioned, the first time the customer will be tricked into buying something, but he will loose trust and won’t come back again.

Always hold seasonal sales and offers. Since all the competitors will be giving out different offers to attract customers, it’s a good point to have one, too. But it should be remembered to not to imitate anyone. Only a unique offer will make the customers not go to the competitors’. Once in a while offer free shipping offer also works. A condition like if a customer spends particular amount of money, all items will be shipped for free. This is another attractive deal which will surely tempt the customer. Thanks to search engines and online stores anything can be purchased from the comfort of the home. Give away free sample to the customers or keep a pre-sale price for introductory products. The customers won’t think twice to spend a little money to try something new.

The ending of the sales message is where most people mess it up. The whole efforts will be wasted if the customer gets a second thought. He should be convinced, by nice words, to buy the product till the very end. The content should be arranged with care. The key is to tell the customer what to do exactly after he finishes reading the matter, like ‘Grab the golden opportunity now’ or ‘pick up the phone and dial the number right now’, etc. Do not include links or short advertisement of other products or services. This will shift the focus of the reader and he might have a second thought. A list of the existing customers should be maintained and from time to time special offers should be mailed to them. So basically the whole idea is to influence the mind of the customer until he buys a product.

Email marketing is one of the forms of direct marketing, which is done via Internet. Emails are sent to potential customers to boost the business, and gain the trust of the customer by disclosing relevant information and help them to make good shopping decisions. It also enhances the relationship with a current customer, by repeating business with them. In simple words the procedure of sending emails to customers is known as email marketing.

The major advantage of email marketing is that it doesn’t consume a lot of time, is minimal resource consuming and is also cost-efficient. Within a short period, a large audience can be targeted. Features such as Subscriptions, bounced messages, web bugs, and click through help enables businesses to track potential customers. Since the customers can be directly reached, feedbacks can be collected with ease. In terms of cost also it is not as expensive as newsletters. Reports have proven that this is the next best marketing technique after search marketing. It is effective in tracking the returns on investments.

Email marketing is a modernized version of mail marketing. The advantage over direct mail marketing is that it takes less time to reach a customer than mailing. Like people check their mailboxes daily, inbox is also checked by majority of the Internet users on a daily basis. Over the period of time, lots of helpful tools and web services have been developed. List host is web service that provides lots of options to the marketers like managing huge emails and email address database. If the budget is more, list managers can be hired who can be given charge of opt-in-email newsletters and managing databases. Software is also available in the market that does this job too.

When the customer fills the form for the first time, there are check boxes to be ticked which reflects their interests. Depending on these choices, an advertiser sends information to them, this is known as opt-in-email advertising, because the customer has opted to receive emails and marketing like this isn’t illegal. The content of the email can be elaborate, but it shouldn’t be too long as people are really busy for that. The call to action, also known as effective words, in the email should be chosen with care. It’s not necessary that the content should revolve around only one item; related product’s information can also be included. This is known as cross selling. By using email blasting or sending an email to multiple customers at a time can save a lots of time and will also increase the efficiency.

The dark side of email marketing is spamming or also known as bulking. Some companies collect email addresses of people illegally and send irrelevant mails to them, which can be very annoying. Some hackers design an email like an advertisement, but when clicked on downloads adware and viruses that can destroy a computer, which makes it even more dangerous. To make matters worse, the Direct Marketing Association of America has petitioned to make spamming legal. Some prohibitions are also placed on providers who help out business organizations to manage their email marketing by giving them already prepared email templates.

Most of the mailing websites have added the facility of separating spam from genuine email by creating separate folders for both and this is known as spam filtering. But in case of large number of spam mails, a useful mail can go into that folder and can go unnoticed and gets deleted with the rest of the spam mails. This kind of mail is known as false positives. But the chances of this happening are rare. There are many laws against spamming like United States’ Can-Spam act, Europe’s privacy and electronic communications regulations. According to these laws, the companies should get their return address authenticated, false physical addresses should not be included and a one click unsubscribe link should be place in the email. The lesser penalty involves companies sending spam to be blacklisted and on a larger scale, they can be heavily fined.

Keyword density is an indicator of the number of times the selected keyword appears in the web page. But mind you, keywords shouldn’t be over used, but should be just sufficient enough to appear at important places.

If you repeat your keywords with every other word on every line, then your site will probably be rejected as an artificial site or spam site.

Keyword density is always expressed as a percentage of the total word content on a given web page.

Suppose you have 100 words on your webpage (not including HMTL code used for writing the web page), and you use a certain keyword for five times in the content. The keyword density on that page is got by simply dividing the total number of keywords, by the total number of words that appear on your web page. So here it is 5 divided by 100 = .05. Because keyword density is a percentage of the total word count on the page, multiply the above by 100, that is 0.05 x 100 = 5%

The accepted standard for a keyword density is between 3% and 5%, to get recognized by the search engines and you should never exceed it.

Remember, that this rule applies to every page on your site. It also applies to not just to one keyword but also a set of keywords that relates to a different product or service. The keyword density should always be between 3% and 5%.

Simple steps to check the density:

Copy and paste the content from an individual web page into a word-processing software program like Word or Word Perfect.
Go to the ‘Edit’ menu and click ‘Select All’. Now go to the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Word Count’. Write down the total number of words in the page.
Now select the ‘Find’ function on the ‘Edit’ menu. Go to the ‘Replace’ tab and type in the keyword you want to find. ‘Replace’ that word with the same word, so you don’t change the text.
When you complete the replace function, the system will provide a count of the words you replaced. That gives the number of times you have used the keyword in that page.
Using the total word count for the page and the total number of keywords you can now calculate the keyword density.

Electronic mail, or commonly known as email, is one of the popular methods of modern communications. Through the email services, you will be able to compose, send, store, and receive messages over recognized electronic communication system. Moreover, it also allows you to attach computer-related files (computer files such as images and audio entries as well as word documents and computer-generated spreadsheet) to your email messages, making it an effective tool in exchange of information on the Internet. The use of email is not just ideal for personal purposes but for business purposes as well.

Speaking of business purposes, do you know that email is one of the popular promotional tools used on Internet marketing? According to the study conducted by the Winterberry Group, a consulting firm that works on marketing services, direct marketing, and marketing technology of online-based companies, email promotions yields an average of $15.50 return of investment for every dollar spent. It is equivalent to a 17 percent return of investment than the conventional mail campaigns and 73 percent more than telemarketing campaigns.

In other words, the study shows that email promotion is not just a popular promotional tool but also a cost-effective strategy on Internet marketing businesses. Through sending out at least a single email newsletter to interested individuals, you will be able to build your subscriber base that will be your primary source of web traffic and revenues. With every dollar that you will spend on sending out email newsletters, you will save substantial amounts of money from acquiring prospects and clients.

Sending relevant email communications to various individuals who requested for such information is the most effective way of establishing a relationship with him and later turns him into your clients and your clients into long-term product evangelizers.

To achieve your goal of earning substantial amounts of money on your Internet marketing business, you decide to adopt the email promotion method and start sending out several newsletters to your present clients and prospects. However, there are important rules that you need to follow in email promotion that will increase your chances of achieving all your marketing objectives, whether to increase repeated orders, convert attracted web traffic into long-term clients, or obtain high quality of branding awareness.

So what are the rules? First, send email correspondence to individuals who have requested it. For instance, you are into an affiliate program wherein you are tasked to endorse a merchant’s website pertaining to travel and adventure planning. When someone subscribed to your email newsletter, do not move them over to your affiliate’s vacation list and instead send them email containing articles on various ways of how they can enjoy traveling in this particular place. It would be better that you send him monthly email newsletters with regularly-updated information on other topics, but do not mix your newsletter bases just because you want to increase your mailing volume. Remember that sending out-of-topic email newsletters will just be the ground of losing your present and potential clients later on.

The second rule that you need to follow when you prefer email promotion for your Internet marketing business is to be consistent with the frequency of email newsletters sent. Depending on the kind of Internet marketing business you are into as well as your subscriber’s level of interest, the appropriate volume for you could be weekly or monthly. Once you have found the appropriate email sending frequency to your subscribers, stick with it. You will be able to attract more potential clients since they know when they can expect to receive a fresh email newsletter from you.

Aside from the aforementioned rules in email promotion, there are various considerations as well so that you will be able to get more potential clients for your Internet marketing business. These are as follows:

1. If you have your mailing list, you must have an auto responder service. This will send email newsletters to your mailing list on a regular basis without any human intervention.

2. Aside from the auto responder service, you must also include opt-in forms on your site for individuals who wish to add their names to your mailing list. The auto responder company will provide an HTML code that would be pasted into your site.

3. Use the auto responder service’s tracking system to identify which of your email newsletters are opened by your subscribers and lead to additional web traffic to your site.

By following the rules and considerations in email promotions, you will be able to achieve your marketing goals and succeed in your Internet marketing business.

Gifts are loved by one and all. Gifts are a way of expressing gratitude and marketing gifts are given to customer to thank them and most of the customers are more than happy to receive gifts from companies they pay patronage. The thank you gifts cannot only be presented to existing customers but also to potential customers when they try a new product of the company. This would encourage them to buy other products, which will increase the company sales. This practice can be made more advantageous by making it as marketing and branding strategy, which helps in expanding business along with earning customer goodwill. To make it marketing oriented, a lot of planning should be put it in so as to not to loose its essence.

Sending promotional gifts is a means of rewarding clients to appreciate their kind cooperation through out the years; they will make customers feel that they are valued. Flyers are discarded the moment they are received, and are seldom read. But when a person is gifted with something that he/she can use, there is a probability that they will not only enjoy it, but they will also keep it for sometime, might be for several years and until the time they have it, they will remember the company. One of the better methods is to print the name of the company on the gift. This doesn’t involve any strategy and can be implemented even if there is lack of imagination. Name and brand recognition can be established by getting the logo of the company or information of the company printed on the gift. This also helps build recognition among potential customers.

Also give the customers the gifts that last long. The longer the gift lasts the longer the customer will remember your company. Gifts like pen, key chain, coffee mug, calendar, refrigerator magnets, etc. which not only lasts forever but are something that is observed and used many times a day. There are certain gifts, which can fit the budget, promote marketing and at the same time serve the purpose of gift.

Calendars are one of the most opted gifts by small companies as promotional products. They aren’t expensive and are used year round. Following them are office supplies. Stationary tub, embedded pens, sticky pads and diaries containing the logo of the company are very good gift ideas too. Desktop accessories are the next best things. Things like pen stands, paperweight are hot giveaways.

For home gifts like fridge magnets, coffee mugs and thermo-flask make ideal gifts. They, too, get noticed many times a day. The good thing about them is they can be modeled in different colors, shapes and styles and can be unique when compared to other’s promotional products. And hence, they are more like collectible items. Innovation can increase the interest of the user in this regard.

Key chains are also something which is carried everywhere and they don’t even cost too much. Usually people use the promotional ones to store spare keys. T-shirts and cap are a bit expensive, but are worth the investment. They are usually worn outside and people around can easily sight the company’s name and logo and they function like a walking billboard.

Creativity is the key to selecting a right gift to market your and so is the money. The more the money invested, the better the gift, but the gift should be selected such that it earns maximum returns.