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Link Pyramids

Link pyramids are the latest SEO link building strategy. Similar to link wheels, they offer the same powerful benefits but by using a unique pyramid shaped linking pattern.

The pattern used in link pyramids offers an exponential increase of link juice through each tier as the backlinks build on top of each other working towards the top of the pyramid where all of the link juice is then funneled to your website. Link pyramids have proven to be very successful at increasing page rank for web pages that lack on-page SEO which makes link pyramids very popular among top SEO professionals whom have been contracted to get results for client’s whose websites are not optimized.

As such, link pyramids are an attractive link building solution to the SEO novice as well. They are complex in nature and can sometimes go far beyond our largest link pyramid of 5 tiers. However, a link pyramid of any number of tiers is going to perform phenomenally well and give your website a huge boost in page rank. We encourage our clients to make use of both link pyramids and link wheels together to diversify the link building patterns for ultimate effectiveness.

Below is our four different link pyramid packages. Feel free to click on the package of choice to learn more.