If you open a business you will not grow millions of customers overnight. You have tons of competition out in the world and you have to figure out how to attract customers. Most normal businesses put up signs or billboards to attract people who are near. On the internet you have to complete this same task to attract people to your business website. You may have a website that you find amazing and helpful but, if people don’t travel to it, then your website will never grow.

On the internet it is a bit challenging to put up billboards but, a much more effective method is article writing. The one difference between advertising on the internet and the real world is that people on the internet are all looking for something specific. When a person opens up a web browser, he or she is looking for an answer for a question. People have replaced libraries with the internet and now we go to the internet to answer all of our questions. The trick with internet advertising is to learn how to answer a person’s question while throwing in your own sales pitch. Perhaps your website offers the solution to a person’s problem and all of a sudden you have traffic on your website.

The article is your billboard. You have to follow the same rules with it as you would when you create an actual billboard. The most important rule is to offer information but, not all the answers. At the same time you have to catch the attention of the person and make them crave more. If you want to learn the trick to article advertising just remember to catch the reader’s attention within the first sentence. People have a very short attention span and want to get everything right away. You have to catch the reader’s attention right away before they hit the back button on the browser. Once you catch the attention of the reader you will have him or her begging for more information. If you owned a billboard this would mean that the person will call you or look at your website. However, when it comes to internet articles, this last step is even easier. You have a convenient link to your website in the article so all the reader has to do is click it.

Congratulations on getting your first potential customer. Now at this point the sale depends on your specific product. Although, the product you are selling is irrelevant because up until the final sale you can advertise to potential customers in the exact same method. While the real world around us and the internet world have differences, they are very similar when it comes to the rules of advertising and the bringing in of new customers.