Over the past five years, large businesses have been experiencing a significant decrease in profit margins due to an overly zealous increase in marketing costs with 1st tier traffic providers, most notably Google. Add on a few Google slaps and an increase in competition and you have a perfect formula for chapter 11. But most recently, these large corporations are now seeking out alternative sources of traffic, with 2nd tier traffic being at the top of the list.  Various Fortune 500 companies are now joining the small mom and pop businesses, and even bloggers, on popular 2nd traffic networks to reach massive amounts of visitors at a fraction of the cost.

Experts say “It makes sense… why pay more money for less, despite the better conversion rate. Businesses are now starting to realize that they will make more money with a 2% conversion rate on 5,000 visitors of 2nd tier traffic, which is 100 sales, versus a 5% conversion rate on 5,000 visitors through 1st tier traffic. The difference is with the cost of the traffic, $50 compared to $5,000 for the same thing”. This trend is only going to keep growing as the cost for Pay-Per-Click campaigns on Google and other search engines continue to rise. The increase in cost is a direct result of more and more competition and the expansion of Pay-Per-Click networks across mobile devices. We can currently deliver up to 250,000 targeted visitors through our 2nd tier traffic network which on average would cost around $250,000 through a Pay-Per-click network.

So what does all of this mean? Well, for starters it means that more businesses need to be aware of the benefits of 2nd tier traffic and start to leverage it as part of their online marketing strategy. We strive to deliver the best 2nd tier traffic available, at the most competitive rates, and our reputation proves it. Our clients continue to come back time and time again. If you’re not already putting 2nd tier traffic to use in your online business or blog then now is the time to act. We can only predict that as more and more businesses learn about 2nd tier traffic that many businesses will make the shift and we are ready!

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