Know what is hot and happening
You’ll do well if you are interested in the in things. Rather than setting up a website    about your favorite hobby, which might not appeal to people, cultivate your interest in something that is hot and happening, becoming a specialist in it.

Have a positive and realistic mindset
Positivism is always good, but setting realistic goals is also vital. Think positive but don’t get caught up in the online hype, expecting to become super-rich very quickly.

Have the right amount of information
You can ground your business by not using the knowledge you have; also you can cripple your business by not expanding your knowledge.

Use the power of Google Adwords
Use this powerful marketing tool to try and earn more in commissions than your PPC costs.

Do your own writing
If you can write your own ads, articles and reviews instead of using pre-formatted ones offered by affiliate programs, you will be setting yourself apart from other affiliates.

Have a matching affiliate program
Your affiliate program should match the contents of your newsletter or website. If your content is marketing based then the page should also promote marketing products.

Promote the in things
It is basic common sense, but is often missed. Sell people what they are looking for most, and in the case of the internet selling information based products works best.

Follow the results
Use tracking devices or packages that come with most affiliate programs to keep a tab on the links that are most active and those that are least. This will help your future planning, as far as affiliate programs are concerned.

Have your own website
By not using the exact same sales pages as other affiliates, you will stand apart from the rest. So get your website now.

Take part in forums and discussion boards
This helps you talk about your business and advertise it to various people and also importantly helps you understand things from a consumer’s point of view.